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Top Five ROMS You Can Download to Play Retro Games

Retro games have been outdated and replaced by newer brands of PC games and console games. The most famous of these retro games like Super Mario Bros, and The Legend of Zelda amongst others have long ceased to be produced by gaming companies. To many gamers, these games have no substitute and are still fresh in their minds.

With emulators and ROMs, it is now possible to play these games on any computer hardware.

What Are ROMs and Where to Download Them

ROMs or ROM files are computer files that contain a data copy sourced from a read-only memory chip. They are non-volatile forms of storage, meaning they can’t be modified once they become embedded and they retain their data even when power is off.

Video game ROMs are created and made available so they can be played on other computer hardware other than the original hardware or console it was designed for, usually on an emulator (which will be discussed later in the article).

Using ROMs is fairly easy, a quick search on the internet will provide a lot of options that you can choose from. The only thing to mind is the vulnerability of the file to malware.

How Can ROMs and Emulators Help You Play Retro Games?

ROMs being copies of original data files can produce the same imagery of the actual file it was copied from, all that is left is a program to run such file on, which is precisely what an emulator does. A combination of these two will recreate the conditions necessary for anyone to interface any type of retro game of their choice.

Emulators are designed to seamlessly open and run ROMs in simple steps, after installing your emulator program and also your ROM files, you will need to start up your emulator and progress through the steps that lead to selecting your ROM file and opening it.

What Are Emulators and How to Use Them

Emulators are systems that have duplicated the functions of another system and provide the same functionalities when used on a hardware component. Video game emulators are specifically designed to mimic game consoles and arcade machines, they are created from scratch by developers and are made available to anyone who desires to play games on computer devices that were not originally designed to functionally interpret these games, as such open up new possibilities of engaging retro games.

Emulators are designed uniquely for the devices they are to be used for, they are not complete on their own to play games, a ROM file is needed to experience the game. Downloading and installing an emulator is the most direct way to use them.

Most Popular ROMs You Can Download

PlayStation ROMS

Purchase ROMs for the PS Vita, PlayStation Portable (PSP), PSX, PlayStation (PS1), PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4. You can download the most recent games, including Resident Evil 3, Medal of Honor, and Metal Slug.

NES ROMs/ Nintendo

There are ROMs available for the Nintendo DS (NDS), SNES, N64, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo (NES). You can download the most recent titles, like Super Mario World, Street Fighter 3, Mega Man, and Legend of Pokemon.

Xbox ROMs

You can get  Original Xbox ROMs, Xbox 360 ROMs, and Xbox One ROMs. You can now get the latest games such as WWE Raw 2, GTA San Andreas, and Forza Motorsport.

ROMS for GameBoy

Original Xbox ROMs,  Xbox 360 ROMs. and Xbox One ROMs are available. Find the newest games, such as Street Fighter II, Super Mario Land 4, and Donkey Kong.

Wii ROMs

You can purchase Virtual Console, Wii, and Wii U ROMs. There are the most recent games, such as Naruto- Clash of Ninja Revolution, Mario Party 9, and Need for Speed.

Sega ROMs

Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, and even Master System ROMs are all available. Sonic & Knuckles, Street of Rage 2, and Aladdin are some of this genre’s best video games.


GameCube ROMs are among the additional ROMs that are available. Other ROMS available include

  • Nds ROMs
  • Sega Saturn ROMs
  • Nes ROMs
  • XBox ROMs
  • Emulator ROM
  • Dreamcast ROMs

Popular ROMs games include:

  • Pokemon -Emerald Version
  • Super Mario World, Pokemon –Fire Red Version[a1]
  • Pokemon Jupiter – 6.04
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Supersonic and much more.

A lot of these games are available in different emulator formats including gba ROMs, psp ROMs, ps2 ROMs, and 3ds ROMs. Some other forms include Gamecube ROMs, SNES ROMs, ds ROMs, and n64 ROMs.

These formats are adapted majorly for their different features and storage capability which can be boosted to accommodate heavier games.

Other popular ROM games such as Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Kart, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror are emulated using other ROMS including ps3 ROMs, ps1 ROMs, and Wii ROMs.


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Can ROMs Have Viruses?

ROMs can get infected with viruses but can only infect your device in a certain way. Since ROMs have to open through an emulator they cannot directly affect your device. You will have to look out for the sites you get them from because additional files that contain viruses could be infected with viruses and harm your device.

Is It Illegal to Download ROMs?

ROMs are not created by the developers but are copies of the original, in this manner if the original creator of the game does not permit its duplication, it would technically be illegal to make get a ROM file that has been prohibited from duplication.



The evolution of both gaming and technology has caused a lot of iconic games to become obsolete even though the experience they provide remains fresh. But thanks to emulators and ROMs, you can easily create or recreate your gaming world on your present-day devices. With one click, you have easy access to wide variety of emulators and ROMs of your choice.